Christopher Alfred Baker Scholarship


About the Christopher Alfred Baker Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is established in honor of Christopher Alfred Baker of Houston, TX. He was a 20-year-old music major enrolled in college. Christopher was passionate about piano and voice with a particular interest in opera. He found great joy and passion by working in an after-school program and teaching elementary school students how to play the piano.

Christopher battled with bipolar disorder and addiction. The melodies he created and performed were a way of communicating and processing his mental illness. When Christopher performed, he delved into a world of music and creativity. On January 30, 2015, Christopher’s music escaped him forever when he lost his battle with mental illness and died by suicide.

What it’s Like Project’s goal is to never silence his journey and to remind those who live with mental illness that there is always is hope. This scholarship seeks to support and encourage the resilience of individuals with mental illness pursuing education.

What it’s Like Project will focus on the performing, visual and expressive arts as a celebration and communal encouragement for those who are using the arts to cope with mental illness.

Christopher Alfred Baker Memorial Scholarship Information

The Christopher Alfred Baker Memorial Scholarship is a $500 scholarship given by What it’s Like Project for a student who is pursuing an art-related degree. See requirements and eligibility below:

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Submission of a sample portfolio/project (link, doc/pdf, jpg, audio, video)

  • Written description of how the piece personally relates to your experience with mental illness (500 -1000 words)

  • Willingness to be listed on our website, social media, and other print and digital media as a recipient of the scholarship

  • Willingness to share essay on our website, social media, and other print and digital media


  • Must be a current senior in high school or undergraduate college student pursuing an art-related degree

  • Must have personal or family experience with mental illness

  • Must be a resident of Greater Houston Area

Applications due March 15, 2019

Scholarship winner will be announced May 1, 2019

Nikki Hune