Curiosis in the Park

We had a blast at Curiosis in the Park! Thanks to those who braved the heat to gather with us for hot dogs, yoga, face painting and community art projects.


One of the community art projects was a response to the question, "In one word, how does mental illness affect you?"

Strangers vulnerably opened up and posed for a picture with their one-word answer spelled out in block letters on a wooden plank. The variety of words portrays the different ways mental illness affects us, yet highlighting the connection between us in spite of those differences. 


Questions About Stigma

Our verbal community project was a series of questions attendees could answer on index cards:

  • How has stigma affected your life?

  • How would you remove stigma?

  • What would life look like without stigma?

If you were unable to attend, but would still like to share your answers to these questions, click below to fill out a form! You have the option to make your response anonymous.


Well, not entirely after. We still have to remove the tape spelling "WILP" to see exactly how this art project turned out.

We were floored to see so many people from all backgrounds and all ages join in this giant art project, squirting water guns filled with paint at a blank sheet.

Thanks for making art with us!

Nikki Hune