Nikki Hune, LMSW


Nikki is currently a Ph.D. student UH Graduate College of Social Work. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Houston – Downtown in 2013 and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. She is a licensed master social worker in the state of Texas who has worked as a children’s counselor, mental health recovery advocate, public speaker, and facilitator of creative arts groups. She has experience in HIV/AIDS case management and testing, Hepatitis C outreach, and harm-reduction substance abuse group facilitation. Musically, Nikki released an EP entitled Altitude Confusion in 2015 and continues to write, perform and record music. She is also a visual artist whose work is exhibited locally. In Philadelphia, Nikki further created three mini-documentaries on racism, criminal justice, and LGBTQ discrimination. Personally, Nikki is a survivor of suicide who is in mental health. She has shared her story for the Hogg Foundation at the Youth Panel Transitioned-Age Youth Conference, receiving the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Honorary.

Cailey Baker


Cailey graduated from a recovery high school, Archway Academy, in 2014. Cailey engaged in self-harm from the ages 12 to 16. She lives with depression and anxiety, and in 2010 had a near fatal suicide attempt. In January 2015, she lost her brother, Chris, to suicide and shortly after lost her brother, Dylan, to a drug overdose. She participated in the development of Generation Found, a documentary about adolescents recovering from substance abuse disorders in the Houston area. For the last two years she has been helping adolescents with mental illness and substance use disorders. In Washington DC, June 2016, Cailey talked to representatives from Texas about mental health and advocated for more funding and accessibility to those who struggle with mental illness. She hopes to educate others on mental illness and use her story to advocate for changes in the healthcare system.

Misty Baker


Misty is a certified bookkeeper, and also currently working as a Service Agent for a major airline. For many years, she worked in hospital settings for both mental health and substance abuse. Misty has volunteered for Archway Academy, a recovery high school in Houston, she has also participated in recovery films for fundraising on behalf of Archway. She has been a public speaker for school outreach programs through the Houston Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. She has also been in long-term recovery from substance abuse since 1989. Misty lives with depression, anxiety and PTSD. In January 2015, Misty lost her oldest son as a result of Bipolar Disorder and months after lost her step-son to a drug overdose. Many of her family members live with mental health disorders and/or dependency disorders. Misty is an advocate for removing stigma and creating change in both mental health and substance abuse fields by advocating and participating in events such as Facing Addiction.